An exotic shoot in Salt Lake

So many of our shoots are protected by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that we often forget that post the ones that aren’t. This particular shoot, which was just last week, has a number of very sweet aspects to it. Mike was hired by Lone Peak Productions to do audio and grip for a piece for Avalon Healthcare.

The location? The VA Nursing home in Salt Lake City. This was a lovely facility with many services and perks for its residents. There were nice areas for recreation, garden plots for the residents to grow tomatoes, and animals that keep the spirits up. There was a gorgeous Golden Retriever, and normally this dog would have been the star of the show. But there were more exotic pets to be seen.

The tortoise was fun. Larger than a dinner plate and surprisingly mobile, he was a sure crowdpleaser. But the star was Alvin, the administrator’s kangaroo.  While filming was happening Alvin was bottle-fed by a resident and then went promptly to sleep. But before that, Mike got a photo with Alvin.

Voice-over recording at home – A portable set-up

(For a more detailed version of this same information, written by Mikecheck out this post at The Frugal Filmmaker. )

In our VO class on Wednesday night some questions were asked about recording at home. And Shannon said to herself “Hey, we can post that stuff on our blog!” And it was good.

Whether you live in a small space,  only have a small apace in the large place that you live, or travel, it’s really nice to have a compact setup that you can easily put where you want it, and store away easily in the meantime. We really love Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth. It’s light, easy, affordable, and you can store all the parts in a small suitcase. Harlan gives instructions to make your own here, and also lets you order a pre-made one. They are a little easier to make than they used to be, as many stores like Target now sell a variety of fabric boxes like the ones Harlan uses.


Utah Olympic parks and snow covered hills

Here are photos from the Utah Olympic Park and a few snow covered mountains/hills in Park City.

The photos of the bobsled track show curve 12, which is the best curve for getting a shot of the bobsled going by on a curve. There are multiple photos of the starting area (blue tarp) as well as the finish area. The actual finish line is not a permanent fixture and was not on display when these photos were taken. There are photos of that area included in this photo set, and you can also see what the finish line looks like in these videos: (0:57) (1:05)

Winter mountain scenes in Utah

There are some amazing resources here in Utah for filming winter sports.

While I’ve included some photos at the end of this post, I’ve also included a video clip or two from around the web that show the kind of views that I think my client is looking for.

This video contains a fair amount of introduction to the company’s tours, but within the video there are some great views of people hiking in the backcountry.

These photos are from the top of the tram at a local resort. From the tram landing you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountain range.

Another video with some stunning visuals of the Wasatch Mountain range.

Here are some other photos gathered from local ski resorts: