An exotic shoot in Salt Lake

So many of our shoots are protected by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that we often forget that post the ones that aren’t. This particular shoot, which was just last week, has a number of very sweet aspects to it. Mike was hired by Lone Peak Productions to do audio and grip for a piece for Avalon Healthcare.

The location? The VA Nursing home in Salt Lake City. This was a lovely facility with many services and perks for its residents. There were nice areas for recreation, garden plots for the residents to grow tomatoes, and animals that keep the spirits up. There was a gorgeous Golden Retriever, and normally this dog would have been the star of the show. But there were more exotic pets to be seen.

The tortoise was fun. Larger than a dinner plate and surprisingly mobile, he was a sure crowdpleaser. But the star was Alvin, the administrator’s kangaroo.  While filming was happening Alvin was bottle-fed by a resident and then went promptly to sleep. But before that, Mike got a photo with Alvin.

The Color Run with Nickelodeon

On September 15 Shannon had the pleasure of working with White Rabbit Productions filming the Sandy Color Run. The Color Run is insanely fun. Based loosely on the Indian Festival of Colors, the people running wear plain t-shirts and are covered with colorful powders as they run the 5K. After the run there is a big party on the lawn with lots of color throws. We were covering the run for Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play. Check out our clip here:

WWDOP 2012: “The Color Run”
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Ronald McDonald does service

We had the pleasure of working with ImageWorks Communications on a shoot for McDonalds. It was the McDonalds Day of Caring, and we were able to film McDonalds employees performing community service projects at schools in Ogden, Salt Lake, and Kearns. In Ogden they painted a globe on the playground which will be used for teaching geography and about community. In Salt Lake they handed out school kits to each student that consisted of a backpack filled with paper, pencils, crayons, and rulers. In Kearns the employees worked with the students to clean windows that hadn’t been cleaned in years.

Most of our photos have students from the schools in them, and we didn’t want to post them without their parents permission, but we did get a great crew shot with our on-site celebrity, Ronald McDonald himself!

Producer Deborah, Mike, Ronald McDonald, Walt, and Shannon

Voice-over recording at home – A portable set-up

(For a more detailed version of this same information, written by Mikecheck out this post at The Frugal Filmmaker. )

In our VO class on Wednesday night some questions were asked about recording at home. And Shannon said to herself “Hey, we can post that stuff on our blog!” And it was good.

Whether you live in a small space,  only have a small apace in the large place that you live, or travel, it’s really nice to have a compact setup that you can easily put where you want it, and store away easily in the meantime. We really love Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth. It’s light, easy, affordable, and you can store all the parts in a small suitcase. Harlan gives instructions to make your own here, and also lets you order a pre-made one. They are a little easier to make than they used to be, as many stores like Target now sell a variety of fabric boxes like the ones Harlan uses.


Some Sundance Memories.

Sundance has ended for another year. <sigh> While we had a great time this year, and definitely have some photos to post, we thought today we’d take a stroll down memory lane and highlight a few of our favorite photos from Mike’s crew at Sundance, 2011. We have to thank Doug Andrews for the photo compilation he sent us.

Mike. Walt. Michael Rappaport.

Balconies on Main Street. Amazing how popular they become during Sundance.

Mike and Walt aren't just camera and audio. They are also stand-ins. Sometimes.

I know it's blurry, but I had to post this one. Look how little Mike's ponytail was!